The brimming bin of Bryn Eglur

I often walk my dog on the cycle path between  Rhydyfelin and Llanfarian.   At either end of this stretch there is a dark blue bin.  The slim one at the Rhydfelin end is lined with a black plastic liner and regularly emptied by Ceredigion  Council.  Strangely the similar, but double-sized bin at the other end has been overflowing for months.


Yesterday I met the man who empties the bins.  He tells me that the Bryn Eglur bin is an unauthorized bin ( although it looks very much like a council bin) and it is not their job to empty it.

The Bryn Eglur bin is almost exclusively full of bagged dog poo and smells pretty unpleasant.  It is on the edge of a small picnic area which I imagine was specified by the Council as an amenity area when Planning Permission for the development at Bryn Eglur was obtained.


Perhaps the Planning Department specified a bin but failed to ask the Waste Collection Service whether they could empty it?   I wonder whether this situation will ever be resolved.

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