Not enough disability in Aberystwyth?

by the Curious Scribbler

Another independent shop has closed its doors in Aberystwyth’s picturesque Eastgate Street. The windows, masked in brown paper give it a depressing  air.

Closed shop in Eastgate, Aberystwyth

The now closed Snowdrop Care and Mobility shop in Eastgate Street

However the message posted to the customers gives pause for thought, for it reads “ We would like to thank all our customers for their support and we are sorry there were not enough of you”.

Snowdrop Care and Mobility sold walking aids and wheelchairs, lift-and-recline chairs and beds, mobility scooters, ramps, stair-lifts, continence aids and extra wide footwear for swollen feet.   Not equipment many of us are eager to need. Can we conclude that Aberystwyth’s population is, in the main, ageing more healthily than the commercial predictions suggested?  I hope so.   Certainly there are plenty of the elderly out and about leading busy lives.

Those less fortunate, it is implied (and I hope there are not too many of them) will have to shuffle off to Haverforwest  ( a round trip of 125 miles).   On the other hand they may resort, as we all increasingly do, to doing their shopping on the internet.  I understand that an extensive range of this equipment can be obtained through Lloyds Pharmacy.

Customer told they were insufficiently numerous for the retailer

A reproachful notice to customers of the now-departed shop

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